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Buffalo Beals Animal Park

Enjoy 40 acres of easily accessible and
thoughtfully arranged viewing grounds.

You’ll encounter:

Elk, Antelope, Camel, Buffalo, Kangaroos, Various Monkeys . . .
many other exotic and domestic animals

Operating Season

Buffalo Beals will no longer be open for general admission to the public. We will offer petting zoos, camel rides, and pony rides to be brought out to your location (Birthday parties, church events, company events, festivals, etc.).

At Buffalo Beals we will only be offering group packages during the week. These are by appointment only. Groups will be 15 or more, price as follows: 30 or less- $150.00 OR 31 or more- $5.00 per person (children or adults). 

Like any home, business, farm or corporation, the owners Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park continually strive to improve the park and allow it to be seen at its fullest potential. Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park is not taxpayer funded and is only funded through entry fees, and we are very thankful for those who have visited the park once or multiple times. Through these fees daily care, staffing and upgrades are done to improve the facility. The focus of Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park has always been, and will always be for the care and welfare of the animals. We also enjoy educating the public on exotic and domestic animals, allowing kids and adults to encounter animals that they may never have the opportunity to see.

As an Animal Park you are greatly scrutinized, but you keep on working. It’s every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, holidays, sick or not you keep going, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You take care of your farm and animals no matter what adversities you have to overcome. It has been a pleasure and a privileged allowing you to visit our farm over the past 15 years. Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park will not be re-opening as a full time animal park as of March 31, 2016. We are looking into doing groups for educational purposes along with special events at the park. We will continue doing petting zoos for fall festivals, birthday parties, church events, etc. Many people have enjoyed the park and relationships have been made, you will be missed! Your support has been greatly appreciated.

Terry & Kim Beal
Founders - Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park


Child 12 & Under - $5.00-----Adult - $7.00
Seniors (60+) - $6.00

Special Group Rates are available

15 or more - $4.00 (self-guided)

Note: We only take cash - we are not
equipped to accept debit or credit cards.

For Reservations

Facilities Include a Picnic Area, Playground and Restrooms - a perfect location to celebrate birthday parties, large groups, corporate picnics and more!

Notice: All persons entering the Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park do so at their own risk. Buffalo Beal’s Animal park will not be responsible for injuries to any individual.

Experience the excitement and educational opportunities
of interaction with a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals!

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